Andhra Black Cobra Gangs

Meaning : Rhyming (& hence popular) name widely adopted by, or respectfully applied to, any of several feared militias, violent gangs or armed groups of dreaded dark-skinned South Indian Goondas. Here the well-known double entendre 'Andhra Black Cobra' alludes to both the extreme deadliness & legendary penis size attributed to these 'Negroes of India' in Indian popular culture.

Psychological warfare is very much evident in the widespread selection of the 'Andhra Black Cobra' moniker, which is termed 'Andhra Nalla Trachu' or 'Nallatrachu' in Telugu, 'Karunagam' in Tamil & 'Andhra Kala Naga' or 'Kala Naag' in Hindustani. Thus, it is reflective of the South Indian Nationalist strategy of exploiting the widely disseminated belief in Dravidian phallic superiority in order to emasculate & demoralise their opponents. Ultimately, the goal is to inflict soul-destroying Shudra Penis Envy & ego-crushing Dravidian Penis Envy, thereby undermining the masculinity & destroying the self-confidence of their enemies.

In order to differentiate the numerous groups adopting this name, Indian newspapers typically distinguish the following regional & leader-based groups:

1. Nallamalla Andhra Black Cobras
2. Kakatiya Andhra Black Cobras
3. Narsa Andhra Black Cobras
4. Warangal Andhra Black Cobras
& many others.

Example : 1) Those Andhra Black Cobra Gangs are especially feared around here.

2) "... killer gangs freely roaming the state ... Nallamalla Black Cobras, Kakatiya Cobras ... and Narsa Cobras ... have already killed four activists, ... & issued countless threats to many others." 'Andhra's Secret Wars: The Cobra Fields' PC Vinoj Kumar. (4 Mar 2006)

3) "Nallamala Nalla Trachulu (Black Cobras) blasted the house of Jangala Koteswara Rao ..." 'Andhra Pradesh (Ongole): Black Cobras blast Kala Mandali activist's house' The Hindu, Sat 6 May 2006.

4) "... member of any of several feared South Indian gangs, militias, sports teams, or groups, Andhra representing all of South India. -- plural. *Andhra Black Cobras*."

5) "Andhra Black Cobra Security Forces, Plot No 2, Opp. Holy Family Church Gate, Lal Bazar Main Road, Trimulgherry, Hyderabad - 500015. +(91)-(40)-64618353."

6) "The vigilante groups have taken various names like Narsi Cobras after Maoists killed C Narsi Reddy, the Congress MLA in July. They also go by names like Nallatrachu (Black Cobra) & Nallamalla Nallathrachu, named after the Nallamalla forests which is a stronghold of the Maoists. A joint action committee ... alleged that the Cobras were mostly state-sponsored criminal gangs." 'Killer gangs on rampage: AP rights groups' Deccan Herald (4 Oct 2005)

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Andhra Black Cobra Gangs

Rhyming (& hence popular) name widely adopted by, or respectfully applied to, any of several feared militias, violent gangs or armed groups of dreaded dark-skinned South Indian Goondas. Here the well-known...


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