Negroes of India

Meaning : Synonym for Dalit-Dravidian males. So-called on account of their possessing the blackest skin tones, strongest muscles, heaviest bones, highest testosterone levels & largest penises of all South Asian population groups.

Their Negroid-Australoid physique renders Shudra Dravida men the best soldiers, athletes & goondas of India, providing them a social status similar to Dixie Blacks. Thus, the legends of the Dalit Panthers, Madras Regiment, Telinga Regiments, Malabar Negroes, Madrasi Blacks & South Indian Goondas have parallels in N America.

However, the best proof that Dalit-Dravidian males are of Negroid-Australoid rather than Caucasoid ancestry is the extremely large size of Dravidoid male genitalia. This holds both for the testes as well as the penis. In fact, a single Dravidian testicle is heavier than both the gonads of a typical Caucasoid male. Meanwhile, the mean Dravidian Penis is, when flaccid, already larger than the mean North Indian Penis when fully erect. And when active, the Shudra Penis averages twice the size of the hard Indo-Aryan Penis, as measured by Indian sexologists in the Penis Caste System.

This accounts for the 'fatal attraction' our Indo-Aryan women have for these 'Alpha Males of India', which equals the predeliction for Mississippian Negroes among Southern Anglo women.

Hence the high rates of Intercaste Marriage (as opposed to Reverse Intercaste Marriage) in India & Dixie.

Example : 1) "Dalit & Dravidian men are known as the 'Negroes of India', because they are like the North American Negro type - big goondas with strong muscles & BBCs (big black cocks). Us Short-Dick Bhangra Boys can NEVER compete with their penis size or sex stamina. So naturally, our 'fair & lovely' Indo-Aryan women go crazy for these 'Blacks of India', just as Dixie White women love their buck negroes." - 'South Indian Niggers' Indus Inch., 05 Apr 2012.

2) "Yes, it's true:
# Shudra-Dravida men are the 'Negroes of India' (muscular with big black dicks),
# Punjabijis are the 'Irishmen of India' (drunkard jokers with SWCs or 'small white cocks')
# Punjabans are the 'Irishwomen of India' (fat & stupid)
# Bengalijis are the 'Frenchmen of India' (short Napoleons but with good Kamasutra skills)."
- 'Peoples of India' Deepa Mehta, Desi Forum, 12 Dec 2011.

3) "The NAACP focused intently on Britain ... There was a clear identification with the harijans ... & parallels were drawn between the Afro-Americans and 'The Negroes of India'." ('Black & Red: W E B Du Bois & the Afro-American Response to the Cold War, 1944-1963' Gerald Horne. NY: SUNY Press, 1986: 21)

4) "... certain large adders, of which the negroes of India make their fetishes." ('The Class Reptilia' Baron Georges Cuvier, London: Whittaker, Treacher, & Co, 1831: 253.

5) "The Negroes of India", Harry Paxton Howard, The Crisis {NAACP, N.Y.} (Dec. 1942), p 377-8 & 392-3

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Negroes of India

Synonym for Dalit-Dravidian males. So-called on account of their possessing the blackest skin tones, strongest muscles, heaviest bones, highest testosterone levels & largest penises of all South Asian...


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