Sambar Lover

Meaning : Rhyming double entendre denoting:

1. Any person fond of the spicy South Indian Sambar liquid dish, or of Dravidian culture & people in general.

2. Hence, an Oriental or Occidental female who only sleeps with black Dalit-Dravidian men, the thick viscous & salty Sambar being here visualised as representing Dravidian Sperm.

It is well-known that our fair Caucasoid-Mongoloid ladies prefer Dravida men on account of the superior size of the Dravidian Penis. Moreover, once a female has had her genitory stretched out by the legendary Telingana Black Snake, & after she has experienced the extreme duration & great vigour of Dravidian Sex, it becomes virtually impossible for her to be gratified by the comparatively underendowed male of her own race. Hence, women who have slept with Madrasis are known to reject the embraces of males from other races - a process called sexual Dravidianization.

This is, by & large, the primary reason for the high rates of Intercaste Marriages wherever these Negroes of India settle. It also accounts for the extreme rarity of Reverse Intercaste Marriages, South Indian women finding little satisfaction with non-Dravidian men. Hence, every Brahmin mohalla reports a 'Pappathi Pondatti', while every Indian Muslim family is sure to exhibit a 'Thulukkachi Pondatti'. Likewise, historical Tibeto-Burman Mahakala Yab-yum paintings document the warm reception given to these 'Andhra Black Cobras' by Tibetan queens.

Example : 1) Slavic Boy: Our Slavic actress Olga Sosnovska is so beautiful! I love her!
Slavic Man: Yes, too bad she married that Madrasi Nigger Sendhil Ramamurthy! Damned Sambar Lover!

2) Asad Asaf Jahi: Why you keep all those pics of Khushboo Khan? Don't you know that Sambar Lover had an affair with a Tamilian actor Prabhu Ganesan, & then left Islam to marry another ugly Ravanoo, Sundar C?
Osman Hyderabadi: That's why I love her! Thinking of a dark 12-inch South Indian Penis going up her hairy gulabi (rosy) Indian Muslim Vagina is the ONLY way my short 4-inch Paki Dick gets hard!

3) Ah Chong: Why Ah Lian going out with dat blackie Tamilian Ah Neh ar?
Ah Beng: Yeah, that Sambar Lover prefer 10-inch Madrasi Nigger Lanjiao lah!

4) Lahori Boy: I can never stop masturbating to Shakeela Khatoon!
Delhi Boy: I love her too! But shame our Sex Goddess married that ugly Tamilian, P G Satheesh!
Lahori Boy: Yaar, come on! She was always too much woman for us mukkals & our 4-inch Thulukka Lingams! She was destined to become a Sambar Lover!

5) Madrasi Man: Did you see your white North Indian actress Ragini Dwivedi lusting after our muscly Dravida hero
Black Cobra Vijay in the song 'Chumbaka Ninna' from the movie Shankar IPS?
Delhi Boy (embarassed): No ...
Madrasi Man: You should! Then you'll discover that she's a Sambar Lover who prefers foot-long Dravidian Dicks!
Sure must suck for you Amul Baby Bhaiyyas & your 3-inch Ganges Worms!

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Sambar Lover

Rhyming double entendre denoting:1. Any person fond of the spicy South Indian Sambar liquid dish, or of Dravidian culture & people in general.2. Hence, an Oriental or Occidental female who only sleeps...


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