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Humourous Tamil & Malayalam double entendre for: 1. 'one half', the fraction 1/2. 2. a Brahmin man or a Brahmin Penis.Based on the 3-4 inch Indo-Aryan Brahmin Penis being the smallest male...



"Having Triple-Sized Penises", Prakrit ethnonym for Dravidian Blacks, esp. Telugus, alluding to their gigantic penises, historically recorded as 3 times the size of the average Aryan Penis. Literally,...


Penis Aethiopicus Asiaticus

Lit. 'Asian Aethiopian Penis', this is a Latin term for the legendary Black Dravidian Penis. Ancient Graeco-Roman authors have ascribed this 'Eastern Ethiopian Penis' a mythical size, right...


Dravidian Negroes

Formal term for Dravidian populations of South India & beyond, emphasising their kinship with other branches of the tall-statured Black Race or Negroid-Australoid Race, & distinguishing them from...


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